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Will the All in 1 Hooper work with my home brand embroidery machine?

Yes, it works with all home and industrial brand machines in the industry.

Do I have to assemble the device when I get it?

The All in 1 Hooper Pro requires very minimal assembly. We have an instructional video above showing the steps.

Will the All in 1 Hooper work with square, round, oval, and magnetic style tubular hoops?

Yes, the Leveler Pro's bracket can be flipped to work with all these hoop styles.

Will I have to purchase extra brackets for each hoop size?

No, it is the only device in the industry that works with every garment and hoop size without additional attachments.

Does the device come with instructions on how to use it?

Yes, the All in 1 Hooper includes a Jump Drive with step-by-step videos, a Standard Tubular Placement Guide, an Ingredients for Successful Embroidery Guide, and Job Placement Cards.

What style hoops work with the All in 1 Hooper?

It works with home and industrial machines that have tubular style hoops with arms on both sides of the hoop ring.

What type of items can be hooped with the All in 1 Hooper?

It can hoop shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, robes, sweaters, shorts, bags, towels, bibs, pants, socks, cuffs, shoulders, back yoke areas, pillowcases, infants' clothes, toddlers' clothes, juniors' clothes, adults' clothes, and extra-large adults' clothes.

What brands of machines will work with the All in 1 Hooper?

It works with brands such as Melco, Tajima, Toyota, Brother, Bravo, Baby Lock, Baurdan, Butterfly, Ameco, Prodigy, Meistergram, ZSK, Amaya, SWF, Inbro, Ricoma, Highland, Pantogram, Janome, Happy, Feiya, Renaissance, Ultramatics.

Where can I buy the All in 1 Hooper?

You can purchase directly from our website or through one of our trusted dealers.